We require a deposit of 50% with all orders, this can be paid by card over the phone, paypal or bank transfer. The balance is then requested on completion of your order prior to despatch. our lead time depends on time of year and goes from 1 week up to a 8-10 week wait at the hight of the season, our busiest period is mid Feb up until August, So the quicker you can place your order the better.You can Mix/Match your order from the different price lists on this site. the headings are an indication only to types and sizes, using the most average sizes to each range of leisure vehicle.

We can work out your requirements for you if you prefer, just send us an email with the actual length/drop you need your curtains, measuring from your rail to the desired finish. This is normally down to any fixed seating etc.We can work from either A/ the widths of your existing curtains or B/ the width of your windows, however we do need you to state which measurement you are sending us,to allow for a nice gather, but without your new curtains being too bulky we use 1 + 1/2 the width of your window divided into 2 for the size of each curtain.

For Nets we recommend twice the width of your window and when working out drop please remember your net wire starts lower than your curtain track.

We can use different header tape to those specified but prices will vary accordingly.For any pelmets other than those described here we can work out  prices and offer advice better over the telephone.

As well as standard lining we do offer Thermal Black out lining as an alternative, this costs £5.00 per meter fitted, you can work out the meterage required for your order by following the easy steps further down this page..

Eyelet curtains can be ordered, however as we use a pre spaced tape, we can only offer these in even multiples of 10, The reason for this is they always need to start and finish with a section facing back to the wall. The only size Eyelet we do is the standard 40mm house size.

we can also offer tab top, popper tape , 1,2 or 3 inch pencil pleat tape, 'Hino Clic' gliders , and a standard channel to feed wire or rods through.

For Touring Caravans , Extra care must betaken in noting the position of your header tapes. these can differ from van to van with some fitting being on the curtain face instead of the normal lining side of your curtains.An Accurate measurement is required for a good fit, especially when it comes to your front curtains with fixing at the bottom as well as the top.we need to know if all fittings are direct to top/bottom or are any set down by 1/2 - 1 inch, we also require the distance between the top popper track to the bottom popper track, without this your curtains could end up to tight or too baggy.

We offer scatter cushions in any range , tie backs , pelmets etc as well as loose fabric by the meter if you fancy recovering your head boards etc.

All our price lists show 3 bands, A = standard which means any of our fabrics starting with 'S'. B/ Premium range = any of our fabrics starting 'P' and finally Premium Velvet. Our Gallery oly shows a few samples of this , all starting PV , however we can get this fabric in most colours but do not hold stocks due to the costs involved with velvet, we do however buy to order for this. You can find the link to our on line fabric gallery on the menu bar, click on fabric gallery and this will open in a new window in our gallery. All our fabrics are strictly on a first come first served basis , with no guarantees that we can obtain further stocks.In order to offer as wide a range as possible with our limited storage facilities most fabrics are purchased in just a roll at a time.

When looking at fabrics you will find an approx stock level below each fabric description, it helps if you could estimate your requirement approx. and check any samples requested have sufficient for your order.We are happy to work this out for you, or if you take the drop required for your curtains, add 4 inches to these and multiply by the number of curtains required ( not Pairs) and for any curtains over 54inches wide ( ie fronts) then add these ones twice, then divide the total x 39 this should give approx. meters needed. ie 8 curtains 36W x 44 long + 2 curtains 100W x 44L would be 8 x 48 + 4 x 48 for the wide curtains (2 fabric drops per curtain)=576 , divide x 39 =14.76 meters, so just look for fabrics with a min stock of 15 meters.

We are happy to post out samples if required, just email or phone the fabric ref numbers together with your name/address.

Carolines Caravan Curtains ,

 Tips and guides to help you in using our site and measuring up to order or for  ordering samples etc.



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