How to order


How to order your Made to measure curtains

Select your fabric from our online gallery. using the link below ,Each fabric has have a unique code to identify it. As our Fabrics are on a first come first served basis we do recommend that for any fabric showing a stock less than 20 meters

you use the contact us form on front page to check sufficient stock for your order

Free sample packs

We offer a free sample pack , which we recommend as colours etc may not be true to life. just select up to 9 samples

just go to our store and select sample pack from our listings.

Next steps to take

Once you have chosen your fabric,There are 2 ways to order,

 you can work out your costs from our prices pages,

 Static caravan prices are for curtains from 34 inches long up to 65 inches long, this page also has door curtains up to 80 inches long and valanced pelmets etc, all you should require for static caravans. 

The Motor home and Boat page which covers all curtains up to 34 inches long or you can  go to the-

 Touring caravan curtains page or if you prefer you can  phone or email us with your requirements and order over the phone where we take card payments and bank transfers

You can  if you prefer ,go to the purchase made to measure curtains in our shop ,the curtains are advertised by curtain lengths,  select the sizes you require,Enter the exact Length Required,  enter fabric code, and any extras like Eyelets or thermal black out ling , adding quantity required in each size, then adding to basket.When finished go to basket, check order and checkout.

Your order will come straight through to us for booking.

please ensure we have a contact telephone number  and email address should we have any questions or problems.

 A confirmation email will then be sent to confirm your order and give you an up to date  lead time. Feel free to call us on 0121 459 6898 at anytime you have any questions or require any help

Frequently asked questions and advice for measuring Static caravan , Motorhome or boat curtains

We recommend that due to the very nature of caravans, motorhomes and boats, the best width to have per window is 1.5 widow divided x 2 for size of curtain in each pair.

if your current curtains fit nicely-simply measure one of each of these in each pair.

when we say for example 1 pair of curtains 24 inches wide , that means 2 curtains, each one 24 inches wide. the pack size is for 2 curtains both the size shown.

All curtains with the exception of door curtains will be fitted on standard 1 inch header tape, Door curtains will be fitted on 3 inch header can add a note if you would prefer chanell top or 2 inch /3 inch header instead at the same price, or select eyelets or Tab top which do come at additional cost

For all net curtain panels we recommend twice the width of your window for a nice gather.Please bear in mind when ordering these, many people think (my curtains are 42L so my nets will be)-Wrong, take into account that your curtain wire is set lower than your curtain rail, and adjust accordingly, nothing worse than seeing nets below the curtains!


We supply mainly valance style pelmets which are fitted onto Velcro receptive elastic, you simply peel off your old ones , leaving the hook side (rough) on your pelmet board, our pelmets simply stretch and attach straight back onto this. 

We are often asked if we can replace this style pelmet with a flat pelmet, whilst on small windows this is possible, for large spans they do not work as  without support in the centre they will kink in and not fall right

.To change your pelmets to flat they really need to be upholstered on to a board, due to size these really should be undertaken in situ, we can supply matching fabric by the metre should you wish to undertake this yourselves.


we are happy to supply addition fabric if you wish to cover these yourselves in situ. we are happy to discuss this by telephone should you require assistance on this.

Ordering Touring Caravan curtains

  1. These are in a section all of their own due to the fittings and require precise attention to detail before you order.
  2.  Measure one of each curtain making a note of the type of fitting and the side of the fabric they are fixed on, some may be on the face of the curtain and others the lining
  3. Check if the fittings are flush to the top/bottom edges of curtains or are the top set down further ie 1 inch or 1/2 inch.
  4.  for your front curtains , where they require fittings top and bottom we will need the exact measurement of length and also the distance between the top and bottom fixings, you can do this by either
  5.  A/ measure on original curtains from the centre of popper at top to the centre of popper at bottom, or
  6.  B/ measure the distance in your caravan from the centre of top track to the centre of the bottom track. It is not unusual for these curtains to have the fittings on one side of the curtain at the top but on the opposite side at the bottom (ie top face of fabric-bottom on lining side ).
  7. Pelmets in touring caravans vary so much that we really recommend talking to us and even sending us a picture so we can work out what you need
  8. you will find a pricing section specific to touring caravan curtains due to the fittings etc.
  9. where you have curtains not requiring popper tape fitting, then order from the main section for static caravans, motor homes and boats.